A dolphin is the biggest (or the top) manufacturer of Japanese hair accessories who inaugurated an enterprise in 1994.
Various materials and technology are utilized and the item of an original design is made one after another.
The abundant design variations which respond
to a time, and the high quality have collected
reliance and popularity.
We asks for development of a present still newer category, and is asking for the company which cooperates in manufacture also abroad widely.
It does not adhere to hair accessories. We wishes to develop a design and a product new together with a company who has a certain manufacture technology. The dolphin expects the encounter with a new material and new technology.
A company merged in January, 2016 with KIYOKAWA Corpoaration(apparel material companies).

By all means, please contact me.
* It is the inquiry by the telephone with
correspondence of only Japanese now.
Please understand the situation.
"KIYOKAWA Corporation"
"President:Yoji Kiyokawa"


TEL / (COUNTRY CODE)+6-6368-9380
FAX / (COUNTRY CODE)+6-6368-9381